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Say goodbye to traditional 3% listing commissions in Orlando
Sell your home for 1% fee with a full service real estate agent

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Selling? Our Fee to List a Home is ONLY 1%! Buying? We REBATE 1% of the purchase price towards your closing costs! No minimum price, no hooks no catches! You get the same full service, for LESS! We are a team of full-service real estate agents, with a focus on providing you with a discounted commission and service you can trust. Our motto is “You Don’t Get Less, You Just Pay Less". Potentially saving you THOUSANDS in the process!

Since we began, we have saved our clients THOUSANDS! When you list with us we fully market your property by using a professional photographer, commit to an open house atleast once a month, Offline Tools, the MLS, internet, and social media to sell your home quickly and for the greatest value. Our team provides comprehensive real estate services, at a more affordable price than the other guys. Our mission is to provide a Win/Win situation when buying or selling your home and the Only catch is we want you to tell All your friends/family how much MONEY we saved You! Se Habla Español.

The Guy Behind The Team


Hi, my name is Mark Young.

I'm fulfilling a life dream/ destiny so to speak. November 10, 2011, I was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (Stage 4 Brain Cancer). I was given 6 months to live. After several other medical opinions, I accepted the diagnosis and began living to die. I opted to undergo brain surgery(fun stuff), gamma knife surgery, radiation, and monthly chemo to this day. I began dying to live.

I toiled with the notion of becoming a realtor® in my prior years, yet never fulfilled it. Until now!!!

I plan to touch as many people with the remaining time I have left. I know it sound like a weird option to you, but, by being a realtor®, it will afford me the opportunity to do just that. I fell in love with idea of being a part of someone’s dream, goals, and/or life ambitions. In doing so, I leave my clients with a little bit of myself.

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TJ Agosto

Buying or selling in Orlando, FL or Central Florida? When you want world-class service, turn to T. James Agosto and the 1% Guys! - Empire Network Realty

Maria Agosto (Hablo Español)

Want to buy or sell a home in Central Florida? Maria has the knowledge, the experience, the drive, the team, and the dedication to get the results you seek. She also is fluent in Spanish! - Empire Network Realty ---- ¿Quieres comprar o vender una casa en Florida Central? María tiene el conocimiento, la experiencia, el impulso, el equipo y…