6 Reasons Orlando Florida Is the Perfect Place for a Forever Home

6 Reasons Orlando Florida Is the Perfect Place for a Forever Home

Picking the best places to pitch your permanent tent can get tricky. Many states have big opportunity costs that could get in the way of finding a good forever spot. Luckily, there is one state that stands tall above the rest. Welcome to Florida. The sunshine state holds strong with its climate, attractions, and cost of living. Specifically, Orlando, Florida might just be one of the best places to get your forever home started. Orlando happens to be a dream-come-true to most people. There are many wonderful things about the place that can keep you smiling day after day. From the constant fun activities to the incredible weather, here are the top reasons to make Orlando, Florida your number one spot.

The Weather

I’m sure that the majority of those in the northern states have, at one point, daydreamed about moving away from the cold. The two places that usually come to mind are Florida and California. The problem with California is that the sun really beats down on you, and it is very expensive. Orlando, Florida, on the other hand, handles those two problems much better. As far as the weather goes, year-round, it is for the most part warm and gorgeous outside. The humidity makes for moisturized skin and hair during the summer months. During the colder times of the year, you can bust out your favorite sweaters and look sharp without having to wear layer after layer of winter attire. The nights are extravagant and very comfortable. You won’t have to worry about the weather when you invite friends over for a nighttime barbeque. One thing to note: during the summer, rainstorms can occur at random for short spurts. So those of you that are rain lovers are in luck.

An Abundance of Attractions

Orlando, Florida is the quintessential place to be if you are looking for an adventure! Around every corner there are incredible activities and attractions to keep residents entertained. You can start by checking out the mini golf parks riddled throughout all of Orlando, each encumbered by its own theme. Perfect for a date night or some fun with the whole family, these mini golf parks are just the tip of the iceberg. If you take a closer look, you will see the big theme parks that can turn any day into an exciting one. For example, you have the beloved Disney world. Filled with smiles and joy, this enormous theme park will have you spending your best days there. Try going to Epcot if you want to be enriched with culture from around the world. Hollywood Studios will fulfill your cinematic craving. Not to mention Animal Kingdom will be one of the greatest places to experience animals in a safe and natural habitat. For those who are looking for a truly magical day, check out Magic Kingdom. When you’re craving more of an adrenaline rush, you can even go on over to Universal Studios Orlando to ride some amazing rides!

Family and Friends Will Come and Visit You

If grandma and grandpa live in rural Kansas, chances are your home will be the new spot for family gatherings. For the most part, people want to share great memories and amazing times with their family.If you were to make Orlando your forever home, people from all over will come to see you! The best part​is, you can see old friends quite often because they might just be going to visit Orlando on their own terms. This will lead to many great times and healthy friendships.

The Beach is Nearby

Florida has an abundance of places to hit the water. For one, there are pools in just about every backyard so even if yours doesn’t have one, changes are your neighbor will. If you are looking for something bigger and better than a pool, the ocean is a quick drive away. You have places like Cocoa Beach, which is only a little over an hour drive from Orlando, and Daytona beach, which is about the same distance. Just imagine grabbing a towel, some suntan lotion, and being able to hit the beach practically whenever you want! The sun is waiting for you to relax.

The Nightlife

Nightlife in Orlando, Florida is unlike anything else. It is a lot more culturally diverse, meaning people from all over the world are there sharing their knowledge on how they have the best time ever. No doubt will find so many awesome and different ways to enjoy the night.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Orlando is cheaper than the U.S. average . This is much different than most people would expect because of all the city has to offer. It’s possible to get big city living without most of the big city expenses. Most would think that with these great perks, Orlando would cost much more. A more in depth look can help your decision process go smoother.

Orlando, Florida offers an easy-going lifestyle that can make anyone feel relaxed and accomplished. Being one of those dream locations, it might make for a great opportunity to put up your forever home. Some even go as far as having multiple homes, and escaping to their Florida home when they desire the comfort. If you can swing it, then do it. No matter what, it is still a great decision to make Orlando your long lasting home.

Abigail Golder

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