Another Happy Homeowner

Another Happy Homeowner


We’re able to offer our clients the service they deserve because we do our homework. We know the houses for sale in Winter Garden and other desirable areas.  We really believe in customer service – as these happy clients will testify:


“They showed my house 11 times in 5 days and I sold it. WOW … can’t thank you guys enough. Hard working and helpful with optimism beyond normal. God definitely crossed our paths and used you to answer my prayers! Thanks guys!!! I would hire you again in a heartbeat!!!”


“From all the Realtors I have come across Mark is one of the few that knows the real meaning what customer service really is. He makes sure his customers are happy at the end of every transaction. I will recommend him for any of your real estate needs.”

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“Mark’s name was given to me by my son’s girlfriend, along with a glowing recommendation. And with good reason: Mark is, hands down, the best realtor I have ever used. What makes him so great?

  1. He listens. He listened to me tell him what was important to me in a new home, and that is exactly what he helped me to find.
    2. He communicates. By email, text, and phone. While searching for my new home, he was always in touch, sending me listings, asking questions, confirming our upcoming meetings.
    3. He is reliable. Whenever he said he would meet me, he was there. Whenever he said he would call, he did. Whatever he said he would do, he did.
    4. He is incredibly positive and enthusiastic. Mark is one of the most upbeat people I’ve ever met. He made the home search FUN!
    5. He is a great advocate for his clients. Mark is someone who really watches out for his clients, making sure they are fully informed and encouraging them to take the time they need.

I highly recommend Mark!! Use him as your realtor, you’ll be glad you did.” March 2016


Whether you’re looking for real estate in Windermere, FL, Winter Garden or anywhere in between, we’d love to help you find your dream home.  The 1 Percent Guys are here for you.  And remember, if you are BUYING a home with a value of $500,000 or more, we will SPLIT the commission towards closing. Buy with us and we will GIVE you back 1% of the purchase price toward your closing!


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