House Hunting Tips from the Experts at HGTV

House Hunting Tips from the Experts at HGTV


Searching for your dream house in Bay Vista Estates, Windermere or Winter Garden, can be daunting. The experts at HGTV say you can get through it painlessly by avoiding these common house hunting mistakes:


“Don’t just pick up the phone, call the number on the sign, and go by yourself. First, it’s unsafe. Second, you can end up looking at a bunch of properties that don’t meet your search criteria or price range, wasting your time. Third, it can make sellers think you are unrepresented and, thus, that they have the greater bargaining leverage from the get-go.” Their advice: let your Realtor do their job.


Also on the HGTV list of no-nos:


  • “Avoid taking separate cars on your buyer’s tours.” Sometimes it can’t be helped, but if you’re planning to look at several properties, ride with the real estate agent.


  • “Don’t hesitate to look in drawers, cupboards and closets.”


  • “Hold the trash talk. Sellers may be listening.”


If you have questions or concerns as you tour Winter Garden, FL, homes for sale, the 1 Percent Guys will be happy to help you. We know this real estate market and we have the professional expertise that can make the house hunting process easier for you and your family.


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