Painting Tips from Laurie March – The House Counselor on” Part 1

Painting Tips from Laurie March – The House Counselor on” Part 1


According to Laurie March, the host and creative force behind The House Counselor on, painting is one of the fastest and most impactful changes you can make in your home. Whether you’re hoping to sell Winter Garden, Florida, real estate or real estate in Ocoee, here are a few of her favorite tricks to paint and prep like a pro and end up with a perfect paint job that is sure to appeal to buyers.


Don’t Ignore Prep

Prep work is rarely fun, but, man, is it important! Before you begin a paint job, collect all the right tools and materials, dust all the cobwebs out of any corners, brush off or wipe down walls, and, for the most flawless trim paint job ever, bust out an unlikely household hero: baby wipes. Use them to wipe down all trim surfaces and remove built-up grime before you begin painting; you’ll get sharper paint lines in the end.


Great Debate: Plastic vs. Drop Cloth

If you’ve ever seen a professional painter prepare a room, chances are she’s standing on a drop cloth. While plastic can serve many purposes in protecting surfaces, a painter’s drop cloth is really your best friend. While both protect your floor from drips, the fabric of a drop cloth soaks up any spills, making you less likely to track paint across your floor. Thin plastic also can often be slippery, especially if you’ve spilled any paint on it, making the job a lot more hazardous. Plus, plastic tends to be a single-use product and ends up in a landfill; a drop cloth is a much more flexible, eco-friendly and affordable option.

Verdict: Drop cloth for the win!


Is It Prime Time?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Not every paint job requires a coat of primer first. My rule of thumb on primer is to always use it when you’re painting over smoke damage or walls you’ve patched, when you’re changing the sheen of your paint, when you’re painting “new” walls or wood that has never been painted before, and when you’re painting a light color over an existing darker color.


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