Painting Tips from Laurie March – The House Counselor on” Part 2

Painting Tips from Laurie March – The House Counselor on” Part 2


According to Laurie March, the host and creative force behind The House Counselor on, painting is one of the fastest and most impactful changes you can make in your home. Whether you’re hoping to sell real estate in Winter Garden or Bay Vista Estates, here are a few of her favorite tricks to paint and prep like a pro and end up with a perfect paint job that is sure to appeal to buyers.


Don’t Skimp on Paint

There are lots of places you can cut a few corners to save money on a home improvement job, but when it comes to purchasing paint, aim high! The end result of your project is the paint finish on the walls, so it’s vital to get the very best quality paint you can afford for your interiors.

Lower-quality paint typically has less pigment in it, which is most noticeable in vibrant colors and, surprisingly, neutrals. With both deep and lighter neutrals being all the rage, consider graduating to a more pigment-rich paint to ensure your subtle paint color carries a true hue and isn’t “muddy.” If you really must save money somewhere, save it on white paint. With fewer pigments (if any), white paint for ceilings and trim can be a place where you can get away with a less expensive product.


Ninja-Level Touch-Up Tricks

With all your excellent prep, careful paint choice and skillful application, the paint job is complete! Professional painters suggest scribbling the paint color and brand on the back of your light switch cover, before you put it back in place, assuming you took your switch plate covers off to paint the room.

Before you pack up the paint (or while you’re shopping at the beginning of the job!), do yourself a favor and hit the paint store, or the web, and grab a few half-pint-size empty metal paint cans with lids. Stir up that leftover paint and fill up a half-pint for each paint color you’ve used. This tiny can makes for the easiest touchups ever! Label it with the paint color, date and room, then nab a few tiny brushes from the dollar store (or an art supply store) to complete your professional touchup kit. The next time you spot a nick or scuff, you won’t have to drag out all the messy supplies — you’ve got this.


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