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Sell Your Orlando Home with the 1 Percent Guys

Choosing to put your property on the market can be frightening. It is  likely that your head is reeling with questions, such as what is the best  price to sell my home, what are closing costs and agent fees and  figuring out where you are going to live once the house has been sold.

Placing Your Orlando Home On The Market

The intimidating questions regarding selling my home continue to roll in, which often stops some homeowners from moving forward. 

  • Do you know how to prepare your home for viewing?
  • How do you feel about open houses?
  • Do you know what an inspection entails and how you should  address the findings.
  • What types of marketing campaigns work best for the properties similar to your own?

For most folks, their home is the biggest financial investment they ever  make. When the time comes to sell it, the thought of making a mistake  can strike fear in the hearts of most homeowners. 

After all, you certainly don't want to exit the process in the red. We offer  to sell your home at 1% compared to 2-3% with other real estate  agents. We make it easy and make sure you get the money you deserve  from your investment. 

Choose Wisely the Listing Price

In order to get your home off the market and into the  hands of someone else, you need to have a reasonable  listing price or prospective buyers will skip over it with  hardly a second glance. To start, you will need to know the  value of the comparable homes around you. We have the  tools at our disposal to process the data for recent sales  via the local MLS System. We perform a comparative  marketing analysis, and we account for multiple relevant  factors to make sure we provide you with the best listing  price possible.

Among the considerations are: 

  • additional renovations on the home 
  • necessary repairs
  • Lot size

Whether you want to avoid selling at a loss, hope to make  a sizable profit, or be in line to purchase your next home,  we will use that information when developing a marketing  plan. 

The Tools For Marketing Your Home

After we have figured out the pricing aspect of the sale,  We will tackle your marketing needs head on, taking  advantage of the best opportunities out there to  showcase your property. Thanks to our background in marketing and real estate, we have plenty of experience  to help with your promotional needs.

Our campaigns start with high end photographs of  your, traditional techniques, such as yard signs and  open houses. And placing ads online and off-line  resources to further boost your exposure. 

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TJ Agosto

Buying or selling in Orlando, FL or Central Florida? When you want world-class service, turn to T. James Agosto and the 1% Guys! - Empire Network Realty

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Want to buy or sell a home in Central Florida? Maria has the knowledge, the experience, the drive, the team, and the dedication to get the results you seek. She also is fluent in Spanish! - Empire Network Realty ---- ¿Quieres comprar o vender una casa en Florida Central? María tiene el conocimiento, la experiencia, el impulso, el equipo y…

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As Orlando real estate agents, we understand the region and how to  find your the best deal that meets your needs. We can even help some  people facing foreclosures in Orlando. Contact us today to find out how  we can help you! 

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C A.

1% Guys Customer - Yelp

Saved Our Customer $10,625 When They Sold!

TJ and Maria professionally and timely addressed all our needs, 24-7.  TJ is a Top Notch professional Real Estate Agent that is dedicated throughout the process, from having open house showings as requested, answering emails and phone calls, and being available to ensure the process is smooth and the deal is closed.  TJ promptly pointed out the areas of concerns and price was reduced accordingly.  He handle the negotiations with favorable and rewarding terms.  If we have to do it again, we will select TJ.  The 1% Guy approach is real and is by far the best savings solutions/program available for the Parties.  The business approach worked for us, it will work for you.  We saved $10,620 in commissions.  TJ and Maria, thanks for all your hard work and welcome to our family.  Your friends, Mary and Charlie.

Jason P

1% Guys Customer - Yelp

Saved Our Customer $2,925 When They Bought!

We were out of state buyers, and TJ was able to show us over a dozen homes in a single weekend. TJ was very responsive, and we loved getting 2% back at closing. We had one little miss at the very end, but TJ was willing to make it right!